Perfectly Paired Herb & Spice Recipes To Try At Home

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Great food is made even better by the chef being able to perfectly balance and match their herbs and spices with the meat, fish and vegetables they are using. We’ve found what we think are the best pairings of herb and spice recipes so that you can make your home cooking even more delicious and impressive! Some you may already know and some may surprise you…

Star Anise With Beef

For those in the know, star anise is the go-to spice pairing for beef dishes, as it intensifies the flavour of the meat as it cooks. The best way to start introducing this tasty flavour pairing to your cooking is with a good old Spaghetti Bolognese! Simply create the sauce as usual, but just before you leave it to simmer down, add a star anise and take it out again before serving. Check out this Ultimate Bolognese Sauce submitted to BBC Good Food which also includes nutmeg.

Cinnamon With Massaman Curry

Massaman Curry is one of those dishes that isn’t too well known here in the UK, but it is one of Thailand’s best loved dishes thanks to it’s fusion of flavours from not only Thailand, but also the Middle East and India. It’s a rich, creamy dish flavoured with peanuts, coconut cream, ginger and onion with chunks of meat and potato… is anyone else’s mouth watering? Add a cinnamon stick to the curry sauce as you simmer it to add an extra layer of deep flavour to this delicious dish. This recipe from Waitrose is a great starter recipe to have a go at. You could even get fancy and infuse coconut into your rice!

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Chilli With Lime

Chilli and lime are the cornerstones of Mexican cuisine, with the flavour combination lending tacos, nachos and other treats their signature tang and heat. Try marinating chicken or beef in a mixture of lime juice and chilli powder before cooking to truly deepen the flavour of the meat. This Chilli-Lime Chicken Salad from BBC Good Food is so very yummy and is ideally suited to serve at barbecues as a delicious side dish.

Mint With Pimm’s

A true British classic! Sure, you can just take the sweet liquor and top up with lemonade, but why not go the whole hog and include fresh fruit such as strawberries and cucumber, then finish with a sprig of mint? The mint reduces the overall sweetness and adds a refreshing coolness to your palette. It’s nearly summer, treat yourself…

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Spice Recipes Need Spice Jars!

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