Why Switch To Swing Top Bottles?

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One of our favourite ranges of bottle that we offer here at Glass Bottles is our Swing Top Bottles collection. But what sets them apart from other glass bottles? Unlike most other bottles, you do not need to buy a separate cap for swing tops, as the caps are attached to them already via a metal clasp!

Where did Swing Top Bottles come from?

Swing top closures where first thought up in the United States by a man called Charles de Quillfeldt back in 1875, who revolutionised the way that drinks were bottled. Before the swing top closure, drinks bottles were sealed shut using a cork, which was very difficult to prise out of the bottle neck and even more difficult to put back in! This new way of bottling drinks quickly caught on, as people now had the ability to reseal their beverages and keep some left for later, without the fear of it spoiling or spilling.

They’re perfect for rustic brands!

This style of clasp closure has largely now been reduced to large, old-fashioned jars like our Le Parfait Glass Jars, but we do also offer fantastic Swing Top Bottles that are simply ideal for packaging your ranges of traditional milkshakes, juices and cordials. When we see these bottles we are instantly taken back in time to the 50’s and 60’s in our minds, to long summer days and picnics in the park! Imagine drinking fresh juices in the sun from these vintage bottles!

swing top bottles sizes

Our range of Swing Top Bottles come in 5 different sizes for your convenience: 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1000ml. Every one of these stylish bottles comes complete with an attractive ceramic stopper that gives an airtight seal around the neck of the bottle. There is plenty of room to add your branded labels and stickers around the body of the bottles, or you could follow our lead and use rustic labels made from a cardboard tag and a piece of string! They’re ideal for selling your product at farmer’s markets, fetes and independent shops, but look just as at home on the shelves of major supermarkets.

With the exception of the 125ml bottle, all of our swing top bottles have faceted sides that shimmer in the light for a eye-catching appearance, with an attractive rounded shape. Our 125ml bottle is slightly different, with a square body that has flat glass sides – perfect for placing labels without them creasing! It’s small size also makes it great for packaging single servings of luxury juice and waters as part of a meal deal or as a stand-alone product.

Prices for our Swing Top Bottles start at just £1.50 per bottle, with prices going as low as just 82p per bottle when bought in bulk quantities!

So what are you waiting for? Make the switch to Swing Top Bottles for your vintage brand!