Candle Jars and Votives

Stunning glass candle jars and stylish votives are what we have to offer here. They’re suitable for use by small, independent producers, as well as the larger manufacturers selling to the mass market, with sizes ranging from a tiny 8cl right up to 31oz! We can smell success in the air already…

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9cl Meredith Glass Votive9cl Meredith w Label
9cl ‘Meredith’ Glass Votive
from £0.42
Glass TumblerGlass Tumbler
30cl ‘Karen’ Glass Votive
from £0.73
15oz Glass Candle Jar15oz Glass candle Jar w label
15oz Classic Glass Candle Jar With Lid
from £5.25
20cl Karen Glass Votive20cl Karen Votive w Label
20cl ‘Karen’ Glass Votive
from £0.77
22oz Glass Candle Jar22oz Glass candle Jar w label
22oz Classic Glass Candle Jar With Lid
from £5.51
8cl Glass Cube Vase8cl Glass Cube Jar filled
8cl Glass Cube Vase
from £0.80
29cl Glass Cube Vase29cl Cube Votive filled
29cl Glass Cube Vase
from £1.26