5 Rainy Day Craft Ideas For Kids To Make At Home

rainy day craft ideas

Stuck for something to do on a rainy weekend? We’ve got 5 fun ideas to keep the kids occupied at home. From make-your-own playdough to family baking, take a look at these rainy day craft ideas and get creative!

DIY Playdough

Playdough is the creative gift that keeps on giving. The kids can not only help make this colourful clay, but once you’ve made the dough they can use it to build landscapes, zoos, castles and more! When playtime is over, you can also salvage whatever dough you can and store it in an airtight jar for future use.

Bake Cookies

Nothing cheers up a rainy day like freshly baked cookies! These chewy-on-the-inside cookies are absolutely delicious, and kids will love helping make and shape the dough. An adult will need to supervise the actual baking, but let the kids take charge of the mixture!

Rock Candy

This science experiment-slash-sweet eating craft definitely has the wow factor. Follow this recipe for rock candy and watch the candy crystals grow in a jar! Add various food colouring shades for different crystal colours. The crystals are made from sugar and water, so the kids can eat the rocky candy when it’s grown! Shop for jars for this rainy day craft here.

Pastel Pencil Jars

This one won’t just keep the kids busy – it’ll keep their desks tidy, too! All you need are some simple clear glass jars and paints in your favourite pastel colours. Depending on the paint you use, these can take a couple of days to dry, but afterwards the kids will have fresh inspiration for organising their stationery, paintbrushes, stickers and other mini treasures.

Cloud In A Jar

Perhaps the most topical of all our rainy day craft ideas, we love this rain cloud in a jar. Make use of the weather to teach the kids a thing or two about rain, clouds, and the relationship between the two with this simple, fun experiment! Get large clear glass jars for your scientific shenanigans online at a fantastic price.

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