A Brief History Of Beer

beers history of beer

Beer is one of the oldest and most widely drank drinks in the world, but where did our love affair with the beloved pint all begin? We’ve scoured the Internet to find the most interesting facts about the history of beer, one of the nation’s favourite beverages; check out what we found!

  • Whilst many of us think that beer originated in medieval times, archaeologists have found tablets depicting brewing as a respected profession in Iran around 7,000 years ago, with evidence of Babylonians and Sumerians brewing alcoholic drinks as far back as 3,000 years before that! Source.
  • In medieval times, beer was viewed as a nutritious alternative to water, as it was brewed from hops and barley which were jam-packed with calories to keep people energised throughout the day. Source.
  • Ancient Egyptians used beer as medicine! Texts found dating from 1600 BC contain 100 medical prescriptions calling for beer. Source.
  • The oldest commercial brewery still in operation is now over 970 years old! It is at the Weihenstephan Abbey in Bavaria, where brewing began in 1040. Source.
  • Britain loves beer so much that, at one point, the British army issued daily beer rations to each soldier!
  • In Ancient Egypt, there was types of beer called “bride-ale”, which was sold during weddings with all proceeds going to the bride, and “groaning” beer, which was consumed during and after labor by the midwives and mothers. Source.
  • Christianity played a big role in beer making, as abbeys were instrumental in refining brewing methods. Many religious communities were kept in business through beer brewing, as they used the profits they raised from selling beer to keep themselves open! Source.

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