Fantastic Fizzy Drinks Bottles

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Fizzy drinks are one of our favourite guilty pleasures. We all know that they are not the healthiest choice of drink, but they’re very nice to have every once in a while! If you’re a manufacturer of fantastic fizzy drinks and are looking for cost-effective, stylish glass bottles to package them in, then you’re in the right place.

Why choose one of our glass bottles to package your range of fizzy drinks?

There’s science behind using glass! As well as having a wide variety of glass bottles in all shapes and sizes, there are many reasons why our glass is a class above the rest…

They keep your drinks fizzy for longer

Glass is the superior packaging material for carbonated drinks, as it is less permeable than plastic. This means that plastic bottles will slowly leak CO2 from the beverage within over time, which will slightly alter the taste of the drink and cause it to become less fizzy, unlike glass, which will keep the CO2 in. Glass is also not very chemically reactive, which keeps your beverages tasting exactly as they should. You can find out more about this in one of our recent blog posts.

They’re suitable for soft drinks…

Cola, lemonade, ginger beer and all other manner of fizzy soft drinks would be right at home bottled in one of our Mountain Bottles. They come in a variety of sizes, from the single serving sized 250ml bottle, right up to the family-sized 1 litre bottle, which we think is very useful for those brands that want to broaden their product ranges but keep a consistant style of packaging throughout.

carbonated mountain bottles

The Mountain Bottles are available in green-tinted glass, as well as in the standard clear glass, so that you can choose to stand out from the crowd. We think that our green-tinted bottles are perfect for lemonade or any other citrus-flavoured soda, as the brightness of the bottle reflects the freshness and zing of the fruit. Why not view our whole Mountain Bottle collection?

… as well as the hard stuff!

Although alcoholic drinks don’t technically need to be packaged in different bottles, as a society we have become accustomed to seeing each type of beverage served in traditionally shaped bottles, from ales being served in short, stout brown bottles, and lager being served in clear, thinner bottles. Luckily we’ve got all these bases covered! Our range of classic beer bottles also come in a great range of sizes: from 200ml up to 500ml, and are available in clear and amber glass.

beer bottles

Our beer and cider bottles are compatible with our crown caps that keep your drinks fresh, however if you want to use these you will need to have a capping tool at home to fix them into place. Take a look at the whole wine and beer bottle collection.

We have no minimum order quantity for any of our items, so you can order 1 bottle or 1,000 (and more)! Our tiered pricing system means that you are always getting the best value for money, with discounts per unit available the more that you buy.

Did You Know?

We all know that fizzy drinks aren’t the best for your health (or teeth…) compared to water, but we love them all the same. Just make sure to drink them in moderation! Check out some of out favourite trivia about fizzy drinks that you can dazzle friends and colleagues with:

  • The UK now has a ‘sugar tax’ that came into force in April 2018, whereby drinks that contain more than 5g of sugar per 100ml are subject to higher tax. The aim was to reduce obesity in this country ‘forcing’ (or firmly encouraging…) businesses to reduce the amount of sugar in their drinks by hitting them in their pockets if they didn’t.
  • This worked on some level as many brands (Fanta, Sprite, Lucozade, Ribena, 7up…) have reduced their sugar content by 60% in some cases in order to not have to pay the new tax, but other brands (Coca Cola, Pepsi…) have chosen to keep their recipes the same and absorb part of the cost and pass some onto their customers by increasing the price of their drinks.
  • Fizzy drinks hold a massive 38% of the market share of soft drinks in the UK. Of this, 43% of carbonated drinks fall into the low or no-calorie category.
  • The carbonation process was first invented by an Englishman called Joseph Priestley in 1767, who discovered that running carbon dioxide through liquid made it fizzy!
  • 34 BILLION gallons of soft drinks are sold in 200 countries every year.
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