Why Glass Bottles Are Better Than Plastic

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As you may have already guessed by our name, we’re big fans of glass bottles. But are they actually better than plastic?

YES! There are so many reasons to choose glass over plastic, so we’re going to try and convince you…

You Can Clink Them Together

Is there a happier sound than two glass bottles clinking together? You never get that with plastic – just look at how happy the noise has made the people in the photo above! Ok, we know that a lot of publics event organisers aren’t allowed to sell their drinks in glass bottles or glasses due to the risk of the glass being used as a weapon… but plastic just doesn’t have that solid, expensive feel to it, which is why (in our opinion) glass bottles are much better.

They’ve Got A Luxury Feel

Glass is heavier than plastic, which makes it feel more luxurious when you hold it in hand and it can also add value to your brand! Plastic does have useful properties for some packaging some types of products, but tends to give off a cheaper feel compared to their glass-packaged counterparts.  You’ll notice that the more expensive brands in any industry aren’t actually selling a product that is much different to their cheaper competitors, but they are using their premium packaging to give off the impression that it is better- think of Gü Puddings and J2O fruit drinks for example.

So many different upmarket products can be packaged with glass; from food and drink, to cosmetics and fragrances. Unfortunately the fantastic label designs don’t come with the packaging…

They’re More Eco-Friendly

We are all aware of the need to reduce our usage of single-use plastics, which are blighting our landscapes and oceans, all the while harming our animals’ eco-systems and habitats. If companies started to use more glass packaging instead of plastic, this would help to reduce the amount of plastic waste in landfill, as well as saving the vital energy it takes to produce new plastic products! We’ve had a number of our customers comment how they have recently switched from plastic to glass packaging due to customer demand. Although it could possibly cost a tiny bit more than plastic initially, you can soon make that money back, and more, with the potential of increasing your number of regular customers once they see how your business is sustainable and more eco-friendly!

They Make Drinks Taste Better

Ever wondered why Coca Cola always tastes better when it’s served from a traditional glass bottle rather than from a plastic bottle or can? All fizzy drink brands are made using the same recipe, whether they’re packaged in a can or bottle, but it has long been though that carbonated drinks served from a glass bottle tastes better than those from a plastic bottle. Scientists think that they have finally found the answer! Plastic is more CO2-permeable than glass, meaning that the ‘fizz’ can leak out very slowly from the bottle, causing the taste to slightly change. Plastic is also more chemically reactive than glass, so have an acetaldehyde lining which is designed to stop any chemical interactions. However, this lining can transfer into the flavour of the drink which isn’t harmful, but can give the drink a “plasticy aftertaste”.

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They’re Easier To Clean And Sterilise

Glass is super easy to sterilise as it is able to be exposed to high temperatures that kill off any harmful bacteria, whilst plastic items will not hold their structure under heat. There is also no limit as to how many times you can reuse a glass bottle, unlike their plastic alternatives, which will start to become malleable and lose it’s shape over time if left in warm environments.

Here at Glass Bottles, we’re proud to use the minimal amount of plastic in our products and during delivery to do our small bit for Planet Earth. Whilst new reusable plastics are being developed, we believe that glass packaging is the future! Make sure to check out our collection of glass drinks packaging right here.

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