Homemade Halloween Decorations Using Glass Bottles

homemade halloween decorations

Ever thought that you could opt for homemade Halloween decorations instead of just buying the same old decorations from the shop? Well this year, you’ve got plenty of options, as we’ve found a lot of cool and creepy decorations you can make from the comfort of your own home, using glass bottles and jars!

Pumpkin Juice

One of the easiest ways to spook-ify your drink is to just add some simple decoration. Recreate the photo above with some glass bottles, orange juice/pumpkin juice and a marker pen! Drawing a pumpkin face on glass is a lot easier than carving one into the vegetable! You don’t have to stop with the pumpkin look though – why not fill bottles with red wine or berry juice and draw a devil as well?

Bottle Of Boos

Why have booze, when you can have boos? This is a fun and easy way to amuse your party guests and create cool cocktails. To add this terrifying twist to your bottle of wine or spirit, simply print out a ‘Bottle Of Boos’ label and use it to replace the original label.

Horrifying Hanging Bottle Lights

Even a Halloween party needs some light and a great way to illuminate all your guests’ fabulous outfits. Create a eerie atmosphere by using our green tinted glass bottles to cast a ghoulish glow ever your party… All you need is a glass bottle (our 500ml Tall Amber Beer Bottle is a good choice!) and either a battery operated candle or fairy lights as a light source.

Glowing Ghost Bottles

How adorable is this cute little ghost? This is a similar concept to the hanging wall bottle.  All you need to make this wee fellow is a clear glass wine, beer or juice bottle (such as our 700ml Polo Bottle or 1 Litre Frescor Bottle), a chain of fairy lights that can fit inside and either a black marker pen or black paper cut out to make the ghosts face.

Distressed Look Bottles

distressed bottles halloween

For an impressive table centrepiece at your Halloween party, why not try to make these distressed look bottles? You can decorate them in any way that you like, such as glueing fake Halloween decorations such as skulls, goggly eyes, insects and paper bats. A great way to make a glass bottle look distressed is to lightly paint the bottle white, then wet a teabag and mop it over the surface in order to create a brown, rustic old-paper effect. Complete the look by stencilling on some ye olde text to scare your guests with themes such as ‘POISON – DO NOT DRINK’ or ‘BUG JUICE’. Find the whole tutorial at My Husband Has Too Many Hobbies.

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