Benefits Of Glass Packaging For Pharmaceuticals

glass packaging for pharmaceuticals

Did you know that picking glass packaging for pharmaceuticals and medical products has many advantages over picking other popular materials such as plastic or aluminium? Although glass can sometimes be delicate to handle and prone to smashing easily when dropped, it does offer many beneficial properties that other materials do not.

It’s Temperature Resistant

It’s extremely important that pharmaceuticals are kept at their optimal temperature, as any slight change can affect the medicine’s properties. Glass packaging is fantastic at regulating the temperature of products, as it doesn’t react to changing temperatures by losing structure or leaking chemicals.

It’s Non-Reactive To Chemicals

Glass is a strong non-reactive material, meaning that it it will not leak any matter into the liquid within any glass container. This feature is of course especially important for pharmaceuticals, as medicines are comprised of delicate balances of elements to create the correct mixture that will treat the patient. If anything is leaked into this fine balance, then it is likely that the medicine would not be as effective. Some types of plastic packaging can react with the contents within them, so it’s best to take the advice of Jens Heymann, Senior Vice-President of Europe & Asia Tubular Glass at Gerresheimer; “Drugs must be carefully examined at an early stage, ideally when clinical tests with the primary packaging begin. The pharmacist must ensure that all possible interactions between the contents and the packaging are recorded and assessed for risk.”

It Doesn’t Leak Or Seap

Some types of plastic can leak Bisphenol A (BPA), which is a chemical found in many types of plastic, that is thought could cause possible ill health effects to the brain and blood pressure when ingested. Although this fear is yet to be conclusively proved by science, if you have any doubts about using plastic to package your pharmaceuticals, then you need to opt for glass packaging for pharmaceuticals.

It Can Be Easily Sterilised

Sterilising glass is so easy because it can hold structure when exposed to high boiling temperatures, making it simple to kill off any harmful bacteria and germs. Glass can also be baked afterwards to dry it a controlled way and it won’t crack!

Here at Glass Bottles, we’ve got brilliant ranges of glass packaging for pharmaceuticals!
Medicine Bottles


medicine bottles

Our collection of medicine bottles comprises 5 different ranges: Rectangular, Flask, Sirop, Apothecary and Winchester. All of these ranges are available in a choice of amber or clear glass, apart from the Rectangular and Flask ranges which are available in only amber and only clear glass respectively.

Our Apothecary Bottles look like they’ve come straight out of the middle ages, thanks to the old-fashioned glass stopper cap that comes with each bottle. It has a snug fit to preserve the freshness of the medicine inside, as well as giving the bottle a distinctive, quirky look. These bottles are available in sizes from 50ml to 250ml and are ideal for packaging tablets or supplements. The other ranges of medicine bottles are all perfect for packaging cough syrups, children’s liquid paracetamol and any other form of liquid medication.

Prices for our medicine bottles start from just 9p each!

Pill Jars
pill jars pharmapac

Our Pharmapac Jars are again available in a choice of amber or clear glass, and in sizes ranging from 30ml up to 500ml. You have the choice of purchasing these jars without a lid, or with the compatible screw on lids, which are available in black urea or white urea depending on the jar size. These lids are lined with rubber to keep the contents inside free from contamination and to prevent leakage. We think that these jars are simply ideal for storing pills, powders and supplements.

Prices start from just 23p each!

Lab Vials
glass vials lab vials

Finally we have our lab vials, which are only available in clear glass. They come in all shapes and sizes, from thin to squat and ranging from 1.75ml to 30ml in capacity. They are ideal for use in laboratories, but also for use as a vessel to send out product samples in or even as packaging for your ranges of luxury essential or aromatherapy oils! Each vial comes complete with a snap on cap or stopper cap to stop any product from leaking.

Prices start from just 14p each!

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