Biscuit Jars, Biscuit Trivia and Delicious Biscuit Recipes

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We Brits have long had a love affair with biscuits. Whether they’re covered in chocolate, dipped in desiccated coconut or filled with jam – we’re not fussy! Did you know that the Chocolate Digestive was voted Britain’s favourite biscuit earlier this year (it caused quite a controversy on Twitter…)? Check out our other titbits of biscuit trivia that are sure to get your mouth watering… We’ve even found some tasty biscuit recipes for you to try out at home, with plenty of glass biscuit jars to store them in.

Biscuit Trivia

  • The word ‘biscuit‘ comes from the Old French word ‘bescuit‘, derived from the Latin words ‘bis‘ and ‘coquere‘ which can be literally translated into meaning ‘twice cooked’. This is because biscuits were first baked in a traditional oven, then baked again by being dried out in a slow oven.
  • Elliot Allen, from Broadstairs in Kent, claimed a world record in 2012 for breaking 18 digestive biscuits with 1 karate chop!
  • The recipe for the first commercially available Digestive Biscuit from McVities, hasn’t changed since it was first devised in 1892!
  • Ask an American for a biscuit and you may end up confused… We share a common language with our friends across the pond, but sometimes you wouldn’t believe it. In North America, a biscuit is more like what we would call a scone, whilst what we call biscuits are called cookies.
  • Prince William choose a biscuit-based grooms cake for his wedding day back in 2011. It was made of crushed Rich Tea Biscuits that were covered in a mixture of melted chocolate mixed with golden syrup, butter and raisins!
digestive biscuits

Biscuit Recipes

Enough talking about biscuits, let’s get down to some eating…

Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

Chocolate and peanut butter goes together like fish and chips, bread and butter or even Ant and Dec. These tasty morsels are rich and claggy, but ever-so-moreish! Making these cookies would be a great activity to do with young kids or to make for bake sales.

Ingredients: unsalted butter, light brown sugar, caster sugar, eggs, self-raising flour, cocoa powder, salt, milk chocolate, peanut butter and salted peanuts.

Find the full recipe at BBC Good Food.

Halloween Biscuits

Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s a great time to get creative with your baking. These biscuits come in 3 different designs: ghosts, bats and pumpkins, all made from the plain dough and decorated with an array of spices, icing sugar and cocoa powder.

Ingredients: unsalted butter, golden caster sugar, egg yolk, plain flour, mixed spice, raisins and chocolate chips.

Find the full recipe at Waitrose.

Blue Cheese & Sesame Biscuits

If you’re more of a savoury biscuit person, then you can’t go wrong with cheese as your main flavour. Stilton offers a punchy flavour to these crumbly biscuits that are ideal for serving as part of a cheeseboard or just for snacking.

Ingredients: self-raising flour, unsalted parmesan, stilton and sesame seeds.

Find the full recipe at Delicious.

chocolate chip cookies

Biscuit Jars

Need somewhere to store your yummy creations? Thankfully, we’ve got some great biscuit jars here at Glass Bottles that you can use!

Our Le Parfait Jars are ideal for storing your freshly baked biscuits away from prying eyes and hands! They come in 6 sizes: 500ml, 750ml, 1L, 1.5L, 2L and 3L, with each jar featuring the distinctive orange rubber seal and embossed logo on the side. Our 500ml Le Parfait Jar is the smallest in the range, but has a wide neck that is more than big enough for you to reach in and grab a large biscuit. Le Parfait Jars are stylish and attractive, meaning that you can not only use them as storage, but also as ornaments for your kitchen! The largest in the range is the 3 Litre version, which holds a commanding presence wherever it is placed! The most convenient thing about these potential biscuit jars is that they have their lids attached to them with a metal clasp, which creates such as strong seal when pressed into place to keep your biscuits fresh and less likely to go stale.

If you want more modern looking biscuit jars, then take a look at our Half Gallon Clear Glass Pickle Jar. It may be called a pickle jar, but that doesn’t mean it can be used for other purposes – including biscuits. This jar comes with a twist off lid in a choice of 4 colours: black, silver, gold and red gingham. It is a huge jar that would make a great feature for your kitchen or bar (if you own a pub, bar or restaurant).

We offer competitive prices for all our glass jars, as you get a bigger discount per unit price the more units that you order!

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