Gorgeous Vintage Glass Bottles & Jars

vintage glass bottles

It may be 2018, but we still love the look of vintage glass bottles inspired by days gone by! From embossed drinking jars to rustic milk bottles, let us talk you through our favourite vintage-style items and how to achieve a similar look with your branding.

There’s so many eras to be inspired by: 50’s retro glamour, 60’s swing and 80’s neon punk! We love the pop art style of branding, such as the design below, as they instantly catch the eye, look very appealing and stand out on the shelves compared to the simple, modern design of other brands. This looks especially good in marketing campaigns using media such as billboards and viral videos on social media.

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If pop art isn’t your thing, check out the fonts and style of the old fashioned print adverts for classic brands such as Coca Cola and Cadbury’s, where calligraphy, simple colours schemes and sketched images are abundant. Soft drinks and snacks are the types of products that benefit particularly well from vintage-style branding, as these food items typically have origin stories about how they were created, and who by, to tap into for marketing purposes.

Another thing to think about is the tone of voice that your brand uses in all its promotional material, including labels, advertising and social media. You need to think of your brand as a person. What is their personality? Are they cheeky, serious, charming, sarcastic…etc.? As soon as you think of your brand as a living, breathing human, it becomes a lot easier to write for! For vintage style brands, it’s a good idea to write down your product’s history and incorporate it into every piece of copy that you can, in order to reinforce your brand’s place in the market.

To help you out, we’ve got plenty of vintage glass bottles and jars for your juices, smoothies, wines and beers for you to browse and enjoy… just take a look at our favourites!

For Juice and Smoothies

Here at Glass Bottles, we’ve got a number of great vintage glass bottles and jars that are perfect for packaging your ranges of freshly pressed juices, smoothies and other soft drinks. All of our items are also available to buy per pallet, as well as in single and smaller quantities, so you’ll always get the best value for the amount that you need!

Our awesome 500ml Quattro Star Jar is ideal for serving up fabulous cocktails, milkshakes and smoothies in at chic bars and restaurants. The glass handle makes drinking out of the jar super easy, with the screw on lid providing you with a rustic look and secure feel. As well as the traditional gold lid, this jar is also embossed with a logo for added flair. These jars are made in Italy using top quality glass, so why not serve up classic tiramisu desserts for the full Italian experience? Customers will love it! A similar jar we offer is the 500ml Glass Mason Jar, which comes with a 2-part gold lid as standard. Traditionally used to store pickled fruit and veg for long periods of time in pantries, these days you’re more likely to see a mason jar being used to drink fancy cocktails out of!

vintage glass bottles smoothies

Our 250ml Glass Juice Bottle is a cute little bottle that is just ideal for packaging single servings of your soft drinks: think supermarket meal deals. It’s shaped like a miniature version of an old-fashioned milk bottle, making it a great option for packaging milkshakes and smoothies, with the curved bottle making it a nice bottle to hold in your hand. It’s unique and will definitely make your brand stand out on the shelf. Finally, our 250ml Farmers Juice Bottle is another curvy shaped bottle, featuring a large bell-bottom leading up to sloped, thinner neck. It’s perfect for packaging still and flavoured waters, smoothies and milkshakes, but please note that this bottle is not suitable for carbonated drinks.

For Wines, Ales and Stouts

Old-fashioned brews such as ales, and even wine, never look better than when they are bottled in rustic tinted glass!

Our 187ml Green Glass Bordeaux Bottle epitomises the classic style of red wine, with the green-tinted glass deepening the red colour of the drink for an attractive finish. Pair with a stylish, stained label for a truly rustic appearance. For darker brews such as ales and stouts, our amber-tinted glass beer bottles are what you’re looking for. We have 2 varieties of our 500ml Amber Beer Bottles: Tall and Short. The ‘short’ version has more of a squat shape compared to the ‘tall’ version, which is thinner and longer, with both being compatible with our gold crown caps which you can buy separately. Please note that you will need a capping tool to fit the compatible crown caps, which we do not provide.

vintage glass bottles beer
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