New Bottle Closures Now Available

new bottle closures caps

We are now stocking a wide array of new bottle closures! We’ve widened our beauty product range to give you more options for your brand to expand, so that you can now spray, drop and pump your lotions and potions, as well as continuing to use our classic screw top caps. Our new closures include:

  • Atomiser Sprays
  • Trigger Sprays
  • Dropper Caps
  • Pipettes
  • Lotion Pumps
  • Child Resistant Caps

Make sure to check out all our beauty closures right here, which are also available to buy as part of bottle and cap bundles.


We now have two types of spray bottle closures that you can choose for your product: atomiser sprays and trigger sprays. Atomiser sprays offer a fine mist application and are activated by pushing the pump head down, which is ideal for use with perfumes or mouth spray medicines. In contrast, our trigger sprays are better suited to larger products that need to be more liberally applied, such as hair sprays and cleaning products, as they offer a bigger spray capacity.

As well as the different types of spray, we also have different designs for them, as you can choose between black and white standard caps, with also the option to go for our ‘premium’ caps, which have a glossy silver finish for a more luxurious look. Each atomiser spray cap comes complete with a plastic cap to protect your product accidentally leaking during transit.

Droppers & Pipettes

Essential oils, eye drops and food colouring would all benefit from using our dropper caps or pipettes, which give you a controlled way to dispense your concentrated liquids. Once again, they they are available in standard or premium varieties so that you can tailor the cap to the look and feel of your brand. We have a number of different pipettes to choose from, including child resistant, glass and premium look.

Our standard glass pipettes have a smaller tip than the child resistant pipettes, for a more controlled dispensation, making them perfect for use with medicines such as eye drops. Our premium pipettes are luxury-look alternatives of our glass pipettes, with an attractive glossy silver cap. The child resistant pipettes have a safety feature that prevents little hands getting hold of something that they shouldn’t! Once the cap has been screwed on to the bottle, it will need to be pushed down and twisted to be removed. The caps also has a tamper-evident band to give your end users peace of mind about the integrity of the product.

Lotion Pumps

If you’re selling ranges of hair gels, moisturisers and hand sanitisers, then our lotion pumps are what you need. They all come with standard length dip tubes, which you can then trim easily with scissors down to your desired length. The larger lotion pumps can be locked by twisting the head, which helps to prevent leakage during transit, whilst the smaller lotion pumps come with plastic caps to keep your product intact.

Child Resistant Caps

Finally, one of our newest additions are Child Resistant Caps, which you will sometimes see displayed on our product listings as the abbreviation ‘CRC’. These caps have EPE liners that preserve the contents of the bottle and prevent any leakage. The child resistant feature means that the cap can be ‘unlocked’ by pushing it down and twisting it off, instead of simply twisting it, to stop young children accessing any harmful contents. As well as our child resistant screw caps, we also have child resistant dropper caps and pipettes.

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