Sustainable Food Packaging & Drinks Packaging For Small Businesses

sustainable food packaging glass

Sustainable food packaging encompasses many different types of packaging material. These days you can get your hands on biodegradable plastic, beeswax wraps and even edible packaging. But there’s one material that often get overlooked, and it’s one that has been around for centuries – glass!

Glass is the ideal packaging material for any small business or start-up that is looking to reduce their carbon footprint and not spend a fortune doing so. Whilst we welcome all packaging innovations that reduce our reliance on recyclable plastic, we think that glass is the under sung hero of the packaging world. It can be recycled endless times without losing any quality, it’s microwave safe, makes your food taste better, creates less toxic emissions and as well as all these great reasons, it also makes your products looks more expensive!

Whether you’re a retailer of jam, coffee, peanut butter, hotdogs, dips or sauces; we’ve got sustainable food packaging options that are suitable for your needs.

Glass Sauce Bottles

sustainable glass sauce bottles

Glass sauce bottles can be quite annoying compared to plastic varieties, as they are not squeezable. However, there are classic sauce brands such as Heinz and Hellmann’s that are known for their iconic glass bottles which were their only piece of packaging before the advent of plastic. Glass bottles are great for packaging rustic style sauces that have come from old family recipes. Glass has the ability to make customers believe that your brand is older and more established than it might actually be, depending on the style of your branding as well.

Prices for our glass sauce bottles start from as little as 7p each! We offer discounts on the price per unit when bottle are bought in bulk quantities.

Glass Preserve Jars

sustainable glass preserve jars

Jam and preserves are the perfect food products to package in glass jars, as it is such a timeless staple in households all over the country. The great thing is with preserve jars is that you can easily make them look both ultra modern and very traditional, simply by changing the lids or shape of jar that you use. For more modern brands that are offering up unusual flavours like bacon jam, we recommend using square shaped jars, such as our 282ml Square Glass Jar & Lid which is only 69p! Top these jars off with a classy gold, silver or black lid for a sleek, stylish look. More traditional, twee preserve brands (think Bonne Maman) would look incredible in one of our rounder, larger preserve jars, such as our 1lb Glass Preserve Jar & Lid.

Prices for our glass preserve jars start from just 8p each!

Glass Oil & Dressing Bottles

sustainable glass oil bottles

Posh oils and salad dressings can ONLY be packaged in glass bottles if you want to attract a high end, more affluent target market. Glass has the ability to make oil shimmer under the lights and show off any ingredients that you have infused your oils with sitting at the bottom of a heavy based bottle. All of our oil and dressing bottles are available with pourer caps or twist off lids to make it easy for your customers to dispense the product inside. Pourer caps also slow down the flow stream of oils and dressings when they are poured, in order to make the product last longer!

Prices for our glass oil bottles start at just 7p each!

Glass Drinks Bottles

sustainable glass drinks bottles

Did you know that studies have proven that drinks that have been packaged in a glass bottle actually taste better than drinks that have been packaged in plastic bottles? That’s why glass bottles are the ideal packaging solution for fruit juices, smoothies and sodas that are aimed at the high end, luxury market. We have so many types of glass drink bottle available that we have had to separate them into different categories!

Prices for our glass juice bottles start from just 9p each, our glass smoothie bottles start from just 9p each and our glass carbonated bottles start from only 14p each.

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*All prices stated on this page were correct at the time of publication (July 2019).