10 Fantastic Glass Mason Jar Decor Ideas

mason jar decor

There are few household items more versatile and effective for making your own stylish home decor than the humble mason jar. These cute containers come in a range of styles and sizes, so you can create the perfect mason jar decor for your space.

Typical mason jars come with a lid band, but many of these ideas can be achieved with a simple jam jar with a regular twist-off lid. For maximum savings, you can reuse jars you already have. Alternatively, shop our range of affordable jars for all your projects.

We’ve scoured the craft corner of the internet for our favourite mason jar decor ideas. Take a look, then get crafting!

1. Map Mason Jar Bank

Tutorial at Pillar Box Blue.
Whether you’re saving for a weekend in Wales or next year’s summer holiday, these cute piggy banks can be adorned with any destination you like. If you don’t have mason jar style lids, these jars still work as piggy banks by decoupaging the twist-off lid and unscrewing to deposit your pocket change.

2. Glass Terrarium

Tutorial at Parent Pretty.
Half the fun of making this terrarium is collecting the tiny stones, moss and plants that’ll thrive in your tiny homemade ecosystem. The tutorial guides you through the layers of soil and stones you’ll need to make a successful terrarium – and if you’re getting compost from your garden, beware of bugs! Once you’ve found your components, it’s easy to assemble – and it’s a fab way of bringing a tiny microcosm of nature into your home.

3. Tinted Rainbow Glass Vases

Tutorial at Momtastic.
If standard clear glass jars are a little too vanilla for your style, have a go at tinting your own. This is a really easy tutorial for giving your jars a hint of colour, without making them opaque with paint. You’ll need heat-safe jars for this one, and once you’ve tinted your jars they won’t be food safe, but they’ll be perfect for holding flowers or other decorative items.

4. Snowy Christmas Jars

Tutorial at Craft Warehouse.
This festive jar is perfect for snowy Christmas scenes. Made from just a few simple materials, it’s an easy way to depart from your classic baubles, wreaths and snow globes. You can even leave a window in the snow and fill with foliage, figurines or flameless votives. Alternatively, cover your whole jar in this jewel-like “snow” and wrap holly and mistletoe around the neck for a festive flourish!

5. Oil Lamps

Tutorial at A Piece Of Rainbow.
Looking for a beautiful, unique, natural way to fragrance your home? These gorgeous, easy-to-make oil lamps are ideal. All you need is a large glass jar, vegetable oil, floating candle wicks and decorative fruits or flowers of your choice. Because you can choose your own foliage to fill the jar with, it’s easy to match these warming oil lamps to your home decor.

6. Hanging Mason Jar Lamps

Tutorial at A Piece Of Rainbow.
Hang tealight-filled mason jars from branches or banisters with these simple makeshift lamps! Made from a carefully cut wire hanger, these rustic lamps add a warm, firefly glow to your garden or your home. Perfect for both real and LED tealights. Please note – it’s important to wear protective goggles when creating this craft, as wire can easily snap haphazardly when cut.

7. Lace Effect Vase

Tutorial at Michaela Noelle Designs.
This mason jar vase is perfect for light, bright spaces and shabby chic style rooms. You’ll need glitter paint, white spray paint, lace fabric and a jar. It’s simple but super effective, and you can apply the same technique across jars of all shapes and sizes. Fill with dried flowers for a traditional Parisian look, or create a soft glow by placing a tealight or candle inside your lace-effect mason jar vase.

8. Pastel Pencil Jars

Tutorial at Kootut Murut.
This one’s ideal for anyone who’s working from home right now, and needs to bring a little homemade joy to their workspace. These cute pencil pots can be painted in your choice of pastel shade – from summery lilac to sky blue. No painting required – just pour your paint into the jar, swirl it to coat the entire inside, then pour out and leave to dry. Fill with pens, pencils and other stationery for a cute desk tidy!

9. Starry Etched Mason Jars

Tutorial at Soap Deli News.
These stunning frosted-look mason jars are perfect for storing Christmas candy canes or other festive treats, as well as candles and tealights. The tutorial recommends larger jars for this project, so take a look at our pickle jars – they’re available in capacities up to half a gallon.

10. Gold Mason Jar Vases

Tutorial at Craft Warehouse.
This one’s really simple. Choose a luxury-look mason jar and spray paint it gold for maximum shine. Fill with flowers and style on your bathroom or living room shelf. It’s a surefire way to add glamour to any space!

We hope you find the perfect way to spruce up your living space with these 10 fabulous mason jar decor ideas. And if you need jars for your mason jar craft project, don’t forget to check out our fantastic range of high quality glass jars!