Why Choose A Square Jar?

glass square jar square jars

Don’t want your brand to be a round peg in a round hole? A square jar is a great way to make your brand stand out from the crowd and give it the edge! Here at Glass Bottles, we have a great collection of square jars and square bottles that are great for a variety of different products, from jam to reed diffusers!

Why should you buy your square jars and bottles from Glass Bottles?

  • Our products are made using high quality glass;
  • We have no minimum order requirement – you can order 1 unit if you so wish;
  • We offer flexible ordering options (buy your products with or without lids, or per pallet!);
  • Our tired pricing system, with more discounts per unit when you order more items, ensures that you are always getting the best value for money.

Let’s take a look at some of our items to find the best square jar or square bottle for your business.

•All prices stated in the images below are for 1 unit of the item mentioned. The price per unit will decrease when you buy in larger amounts, as seen in our bulk pricing.

Square Bottles For Food & Drink

Square bottles do sound quite odd but we think they can offer a modern twist to your product range. We’ve got two options for square bottles: our 125ml Square Swing Top Bottle and our 142ml Square Dressing Bottle.

food drinks bottles

The 125ml Square Swing Top Bottle comes with a ceramic stopper that is fitted with a metal clasp for your convenience. Despite the modern square edges, this bottle has a rustic feel to it that makes it ideal for packaging hand-pressed juices and milkshakes. We think that the 142ml Square Dressing Bottle is not only great for packaging salad dressings, but also olive oils and infused oils. The bottle is compatible with our 28mm Screw Caps, which come in a multitude of colours to make your product pop from the shelves!

Need to buy in bulk quantities? Great news – we also sell our packaging per pallet!

Square Jars For Preserves

Round jam jars are very twee and traditional, evoking feelings of home cooking and popular flavours. A square jar can help your jam brand (or other preserve) burst into the 21st Century! Our Square Glass Jars come in 3 different sizes: 130ml, 200ml and 282ml, and each come with the option to add lids or not.

square jars for food

The variety of sizes that this jar comes in makes it a great choice for larger retailers who want to be able to sell their product in many different pack sizes. We think they’re ideal for honey, jam, lemon curd and marmalade, as well as other preserves such as pickles. The square shape of the jar would be a great piece of packaging to use if you are looking to try bold new flavours with your preserves – think bacon jam or chilli jam!

Bulk Prices

  • Get 3,040 units of the 200ml Square Glass Food Jar (no lids included) for £668.30. That’s just 22p per jar.
  • Get 1,904 units of the 282ml Square Glass Food Jar (no lids included) for £481.53. That’s just 25p per jar!

Square Jars For Home & Beauty

Home and beauty is big business, especially in the weeks coming up Christmas! We have two attractive square beauty bottles: the 29cl Glass Cube Vase and the 100ml Paradis Square Decanter.

square beauty jars

The 29cl Glass Cube Vases are perfect for packaging candles and potpourri, as they have thick walls and a sturdy base that is suitable for hot fill. You could even use them as drinks tumblers! If your more focused on fragrances, we have our 100ml Paradis Square Decanter that comes complete with a synthetic stopper. It’s designed for use as a reed diffuser, with the stopper holding in the fragrance when it’s not in use. As well as being functional around the home, both of these great little square bottles would be ideal to use as wedding favours!

Bulk Prices

Not looking for a square jar or bottle? No fear – we have plenty of bottles and jars in all shapes and sizes! Make sure to take a look through our whole catalogue of products.