How To Make Your Own Perfume

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Can’t find a perfume that you like in the shops? Why not make your own perfume at home? it might sound difficult, but it’s actually pretty easy to do and you can make sure that you are getting the exact fragrance that you want!

What You’ll Need To Make Your Own Perfume:
  • Vodka (or another clear, unscented alcohol);
  • Essential oils, fragrance oils or infused oils;
  • Distilled or spring water;
  • Glycerine.

Step 1: Sterilise Your Perfume Bottles

First of all you need to choose a perfume bottle. We have a wide range of glass fragrance bottles that would be suitable for this purpose, including spray bottles and fragrance bottles. These can be paired with atomiser spray caps, which dispense your perfume in a fine mist, or screw caps and reed diffuser caps.

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Step 2: Add Your Alcohol

A form of alcohol is a vital ingredient that used in most perfumes, as it helps to evenly distribute the scent. Oil particles are able to cling to alcohol molecules, with the alcohol also helping to preserve and blend the fragrances together once they are sprayed. The alcohol particles cling to your skin and clothing in order to make the fragrance last longer!

A high quality vodka is the preferable choice, but you can also use any non-flavoured, clear alcohol that is around 100- to 190-proof. Measure out around 60ml of your alcohol and pour it into a jar (not your perfume bottles).

Step 3: Add Your Scents

You will need to choose a fragrance to add a nice scent to your perfume. Usually, people will opt for scents that fall into 1 or 2 of these 4 categories: floral, woody, fresh and oriental.

  • Floral Scents: Unsurprisingly, floral notes refer to natural scents of flowers, such as rose and lavender.
  • Woody Scents: This refers to musky scents, such as pine, sandalwood and moss.
  • Fresh Scents: These types of scents centre around water, citrus and greenery (think of freshly cut grass).
  • Oriental Scents: These scents are defined as spicy, as they use classic flavours that we all know and love, such as vanilla, cinnamon and honeysuckle.

You should add around 20-25 drops of your concentrated oil fragrance to the 60ml of alcohol in your jar. Stir the mixture throughly after every few drops and smell it, to make sure that it reaches your desired strength.

Step 4: Leave The Mixture To Strengthen

You will now need to leave your mixture in a dark, cool location, where the scents can mingle together and strengthen. Leave it for longer if the scent hasn’t strengthened enough for your liking.

Step 5: Add Water & Glycerine

Once your base scent has reached the strength that you want, you will need to dilute it slightly so that it isn’t overpowering. Add around 2 tablespoons of water and 5 drops of glycerine (this preserves your fragrance for longer). Add more water if you are going to use an atomiser spray to dispense your perfume. Give your mixture a through stir and then you’re ready to decant it into your perfume bottles.

It’s just that easy! Why not create signature fragrances to give out as gifts to your friends and family?

If you like our guide on how to make your own perfume, then why not take a look at our favourite fragrance bottles?