Environmentally Friendly Food Packaging For Your Business

Environmentally Friendly Food Packaging

With sustainability in the spotlight, it’s never been more important to make your catering business more eco-friendly. As well as using sustainable food sources and cooking practices, how you package your goods is really important. When it comes to environmentally friendly food packaging, glass is a fantastic option.

Glass is made from abundant natural resources, and can be recycled over and over again. This means it doesn’t absorb the earth’s precious raw materials in the production process. With a recycling rate of up to 80%, you’ll find glass a fantastic material to use as environmentally friendly food packaging for your products.

Chutney Jars

For suppliers of jams, pickles & preserves, glass jars are a staple of your food packaging. But glass chutney jars are also excellent containers for pasta sauces, curry sauces, tomato sauces, cream sauces and more, so here’s our pick of our extensive range of chutney jars.

“120ml 370ml Glass Jar - Environmentally Friendly Food Packaging 250ml le parfait jar - environmentally friendly food packaging
120ml Verrine Jar 370ml Sauce Jar 250ml Le Parfait Jar

Sauce Bottles

Glass isn’t just an eco-friendly alternative to plastic. It also has a premium look and feel that’s sure to help sell your products to your customers. These glass sauce bottles provide a recyclable, environmentally friendly container for any kind of sauce – from coffee syrups to passata to red hot chilli sauce!

250ml sauce bottle - environmentally friendly food packaging 10oz vinegar bottle - environmentally friendly food packaging “250ml
250ml Marasca Bottle 10oz Vinegar Bottle 250ml Hexagonal Sauce Bottle

Oil Bottles

Whether you specialise in oil infusions or organic olive oils (or both!), we offer a range of stunning glass oil bottles to suit your needs. Check out these stylish dressing bottles from our fabulous range of oil bottles.

“250ml “250ml “250ml
250ml Dorica Oil Bottle 250ml Olio Oil Bottle Slim Oil Bottle 250ml

Drinks Bottles

No matter what kinds of drinks you’re serving up, shop our huge collection of glass drinks bottles to find the best match for your brand or product. Choose from recyclable juice bottles, beer bottles, wine bottles and more. Our swing top bottles are even reusable – so you can offer table water and wine in an eco-friendly way time after time!

“1 “275ml “290ml
1 Litre Swing Top Bottle 275ml Glass Beer Bottle 290ml Glass Juice Bottle

Why Is Environmentally Friendly Food Packaging Important?

The catering industry accounts for a huge volume of packaging throughout the world, so it’s important for it to recognise the role it can play by choosing a more sustainable packaging type. You can find out more about the importance of environmentally friendly food packaging here.

When you shop with Glass Bottles, you can buy as many environmentally friendly food packaging products as you need for your business or event. This helps you reduce waste and increase profitably, all while making your business more sustainable. You’ll also get great discounts when you buy in bulk, helping your business save on its environmentally friendly food packaging!

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