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125ml Glass Food Jar125ml Glass Jar with label
8cl Glass Cube Vase8cl Glass Cube Jar filled
8cl Glass Cube Vase
from £0.85
29cl Glass Cube Vase29cl Cube Votive filled
29cl Glass Cube Vase
from £1.09
9cl Meredith Glass Votive9cl Meredith w Label
9cl ‘Meredith’ Glass Votive
from £0.35
10cl Conique Glass Votive10cl Conique w Label
10cl ‘Conique’ Glass Votive
from £0.47
20cl Karen Glass Votive20cl Karen Votive w Label
20cl ‘Karen’ Glass Votive
from £0.61
30ml Glass Jam Jars30ml Glass Jam jar w label
30ml (1oz) Mini Glass Jam Jar (Bulk)
41ml Glass Jam Jars41ml Glass Jam jar w label
106ml Glass Jars106ml Food Jar w label
106ml (3.5oz) Glass Food Jar (Bulk)
150ml Budget Glass Jars150ml E Clear Glass Jar w Label
150ml (E) Clear Glass Jar (Bulk)
190ml Budget Glass Jars190ml E Clear Glass Jar w Label
190ml (E) Clear Glass Jar (Bulk)
Glass TumblerGlass Tumbler
30cl ‘Karen’ Glass Votive
from £0.71


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