30ml Amber Glass Dropper Bottle & Glass Pipette

30ml Amber Glass Dropper Bottle & Glass Pipette

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The amber glass of our 30ml Amber Dropper Bottle with Glass Pipette helps to filter UV light, making it perfect for storing light sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals. The pipette makes it possible to dispense liquids more slowly and accurately.

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30ml Amber Dropper Bottle with Glass Pipette

The 30ml Amber Dropper Bottle with Glass Pipette offers the perfect packaging solution for your light sensitive essential and carrier oils. The accompanying glass pipette cap offers a slow and easy dispense, which reduces on unnecessary product wastage! We think that the amber colour of the glass would pair perfectly with pharmaceutical products, or with beauty brands that are trying to portray a rustic, vintage style to their customers.

The bottles are made from high quality glass which, unlike other glass bottles on the market, is not sprayed an amber colour but is instead made with amber-tinted glass from the very start of the manufacturing process. This stops the glass from losing colour over time. The amber tint also filters out UV light, making the bottle perfect for storing light sensitive products. Our range of dropper bottles come in sizes ranging from 5ml up to 100ml and are also available in blue, green and clear colour options. 

18mm Glass Pipette Cap

Our 18mm Glass Pipette Cap for 30ml Bottles is only compatible with our 30ml Dropper Bottles, and is made from glass and rubber with a tamper evident seal. It is suitable for a controlled dispensing of your product, such as essential and fragrance oils, where product wastage can be kept to a minimum.


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