263ml Glass Food Jar (58mm neck) (No Lid)

263ml Glass Food Jar (58mm neck) (No Lid)

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263ml Glass Food Jar

This 263ml Glass Food Jar is ideal for packaging your preserves and other foodstuffs. This classic glass jar comes with a wide neck which makes filling and pouring very simple and gives the end-user a quality experience. Its great for filling with honey, jam, peanut butter or marmalade – or you could even use it to store dried fruits, nuts and powdered drinks. If you are looking for something to set you apart from the competition then this bundle is a must-have. This jar comes without a lid so you can pair it with your own closures. Alternatively, choose from our range of 58mm twist-off caps.

Our Glass Food Jar is made from high-quality thick-cut glass and is moulded in a traditional shape. There is lots of room for labels to be applied if you are looking to use these jars for retail. You can apply labels or stickers with product information on quite easily. This jar can also be purchased as a bundle with a range of caps.

At Glassbottles, we buy our products in bulk so our customers do not have to. This ensures you can take advantage of our economies of scale and just in time supply chains regardless of order size. We do advise all customers to undertake product testing before committing to large volumes. This will ensure that our packaging meets your requirements before a large financial investment is made. If you have any questions regarding our packaging, please contact our customer service team.

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Glassbottles.co.uk have the widest selection of glass jars available. If you require a flexible packaging supplier that works in partnership with businesses of all sizes then look no further. If you have any specific questions regarding the practical application of our packaging, please contact our customer service team.

Product Summary
  • Capacity is 263ml.
  • Price includes jar only.
  • Made from high-quality clear glass.
  • Large area for applying labels.
  • No minimum order value required.
  • Large discounts on bulk orders.
  • Fast UK & European delivery.

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