15ml Green Glass Dropper Bottle & Atomiser Spray

15ml Green Glass Dropper Bottle & Atomiser Spray

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Our 15ml Green Dropper Bottle with Atomiser Spray Cap is the ideal bottle combination if you are planing to send quality look samples to your customers!

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15ml Green Dropper Bottle with Atomiser Spray Cap

The 15ml Green Dropper Bottle with Atomiser Spray Cap is the perfect size for sending out product samples to your customers. They might be small… but they’re made from strong stuff! The glass we use is not sprayed green like many other coloured glass bottles on the market, meaning that the colour will not fade over time. We think the green colour of this bottle would pair well with natural fragrances such as pine, or even a peppermint food colouring!

The perfect product combination if your product is of a thinner consistency and requires a controlled, fine mist application, such as room and body fragrances.

18mm Atomiser Spray

Our 18mm Atomiser Spray features a standard length dip-tube, which can be easily trimmed down to size using a pair of scissors, and also includes a clear protective cap to prevent accidental usage during transit.  It is available in two colour options: white or black, with the black option being tamper evident. This means that once the spray head has been screwed onto the bottle, a band will need to be broken before it can then be removed, which provides your customers with a little extra reassurance that their product has not been tampered with. (Atomiser Spray doses 0.12ml output per full compression)


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