10ml Madeleine Glass Fragrance Bottle & Cap

10ml Madeleine Glass Fragrance Bottle & Cap

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The 10ml Madeleine Bottle with small black screw cap. Fantastic for bottling handmade fragrances, essential oils and nail varnish.

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10ml Madeleine Bottle with Screw Cap

The EPE liner in our 10ml Madeleine Bottle with Cap is great at preventing leakage and keeping your product in optimum condition for longer. The bottle is made from high quality, thick glass which provides a durable vessel for your products.

The Madeleine Bottle is fantastic for bottling handmade fragrances and essential oils, amongst any other liquid based products. The small size of this bottle makes it ideal for use with high end, quality liquids that have to be dispensed very minimally and pack in lots of scent into every drop. They would also be more than suitable to bottle your brand of nail varnish in. Alternatively, this bottle would be a great vessel to send out small samples of your product to potential customers!

The 10ml Madeleine Glass Fragrance Bottle is made from thick, clear glass which is study and durable. Best of all, it’s the perfect size for a bedside table!

13mm Black Screw Cap

This bottle comes with a 13mm Black Screw Cap which feature an EPE liner which helps to preserve the freshness of your product, whilst also preventing any leakage!


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