10ml Green Glass Dropper Bottle & White/Sil Pipette

10ml Green Glass Dropper Bottle & White/Sil Pipette

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Our 10ml Green Dropper Bottle with Premium Pipette is the perfect combination if your product requires a controlled dispensing. A great way of dispensing your essential oils and fragrances slowly and accurately.

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10ml Green Dropper Bottle with Premium Pipette

The 10ml Green Dropper Bottle with Premium Pipette is made from strong, high quality, green-tinted glass and comes with a compatible pipette cap. It would be great for packaging health and beauty products such as beard oils, eye drops and essential oils. We think that natural scents such as mint and pine would pair wonderfully with this green version of the dropper bottle. Our range of dropper bottles come in sizes ranging from 5ml up to 100ml and are also available in amber, blue and clear colour options.

Here at Glass Bottles, in contrast to many other coloured glass bottles on the market, our glass is not coloured by spraying clear glass but is moulded using green-tinted glass from the start which prevents the bottle becoming discoloured over time. The coloured glass makes your brand even more valuable in the eyes of your customers, as the colour is eye catching and differentiates your brand from similar beauty products on the market.

18mm Silver Premium Pipette Cap

Our 18mm Silver Pipette Cap for 10ml Bottles gives your product a professional, premium look, with the gloss silver and brilliant white rubber providing the perfect contrast to our dropper bottle range.

The glass pipette offers maximum clarity of the product within, whilst also enabling the user to dispense the product slowly and accurately, making them perfect for your aromatherapy, essential and carrier oils.


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