10ml Black Glass Dropper Bottle & CRC Dropper Cap

10ml Black Glass Dropper Bottle & CRC Dropper Cap

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10ml Black Dropper Bottle With Child Resistant Cap

The quality 10ml Black Dropper Bottle With Child Resistant Cap from Ampulla Packaging. The screw-on cap includes our faster-flowing 1.5mm plastic insert, which fits snugly into the bottle neck. This reduces the size of the neck opening, allowing you to dispense your product with ease. Made from pure black glass, this bottle is ideal if you want to reuse or refill your bottles. It also offers the highest protection against UV light of all our coloured dropper bottles. As a result, this bottle is perfect for housing light-sensitive products and solutions.

This bottle and child resistant cap are essential when it comes to harmful solutions, and should be considered if you’re storing medicines or hazardous chemicals. If your product is to be used around the home and you’re looking for a little extra product protection, this cap style is an effective way of increasing customer assurance in your product.

We suggest that all bulk-buying customers conduct tests of our packaging before placing large orders. That way, you can check that our packaging meets your requirements before making a larger investment.

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This is the perfect bottle and cap combination for accurate dispensing, which saves on overuse and product wastage. This polypropylene cap is compatible with our dropper bottles only. You can rely on this small black bottle to house a variety of applications and solutions, such as e-liquids, aromatherapy blends, essential oils, fragrance oils, serums, beard oils, and other products in pharmacies, healthcare settings, and laboratories.

Product Summary
  • Price for dropper bottle and child-resistant dropper cap.
  • 10ml capacity.
  • 1.5ml flow insert.
  • Black glass is a natural filter of UV light.
  • Browse our range of Black dropper bottles here.
  • Our dropper bottles are available in 5 other colours; amber, blue, green and clear.
  • No minimum order is required.
  • Bulk discounts are available on large purchases.

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