100ml Green Glass Dropper Bottle & CRC Dropper Cap

100ml Green Glass Dropper Bottle & CRC Dropper Cap

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Our 100ml Green Dropper Bottle with Dropper Cap is a great way of dispensing and protecting your products, with the child resistant cap also offering reassurance for both you and your customers.

18mm CRC Dropper Cap & Insert

The child resistant feature when combined with our bottle is a great way of keeping harmful products away from children.

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100ml Green Dropper Bottle with Dropper Cap (Child Resistant)

The 100ml Green Dropper Bottle with Dropper Cap is the ideal size for bottling larger quantities of liquids that need to be controllably dispensed. Oils, fragrances, food colouring – the list is endless! It’s ideal for packaging aromatherapy oils, massage oils and even medicines, such as eye drops. These bottles are made from strong, green-tinted glass which, combined with our dropper cap, makes for a great packaging solution for a wide number of health and beauty products.

We think that the green colour of this bottle would very much suit beauty products such as essential oils and beard oils!

18mm Child Resistant Dropper Cap And Insert

Our 18mm CRC Dropper Cap is child resistant and comes with a clear plastic (fast flow) dropper insert. The plastic insert is inserted when the cap is screwed into to the bottle, and sits in the bottle neck, when the lid is then removed. This allows you and your customers a clean way and easy way to dispense the liquid contents with a lot more control, saves unnecessary wastage too! The child resistant feature offers added security to deter children from accessing harmful liquids and solutions. Food and pharmaceutical safe, making them perfect for dispensing your aromatherapy oils, food colourings and more.


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18mm CRC Dropper Cap & Insert

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