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125ml Glass Food Jar (58mm Neck)
from £0.15
1015ml Clear Glass Jar1015ml Clear Glass Jar
1015ml Glass Jar (82mm Neck)
212ml Clear Glass Jar212ml Clear Glass Jar
300ml Clear Glass Tall Jar300ml Clear Glass Tall Jar
300ml Tall Glass Jar (63mm Neck)
from £0.10
530ml Clear Glass Jar530ml Clear Glass Jar
8cl Glass Cube Vase8cl Glass Cube Jar filled
8cl Glass Cube Vase
from £0.74
29cl Glass Cube Vase29cl Cube Votive filled
29cl Glass Cube Vase
from £1.12
9cl Meredith Glass Votive9cl Meredith w Label
9cl ‘Meredith’ Glass Votive
from £0.34
10cl Conique Glass Votive10cl Conique w Label
10cl ‘Conique’ Glass Votive
from £0.37
20cl Karen Glass Votive20cl Karen Votive w Label
20cl ‘Karen’ Glass Votive
from £0.63
30ml Glass Jam Jars30ml Glass Jam jar w label
41ml Glass Jam Jars41ml Glass Jam jar w label


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